Hi, I’m Micku.

Let me take you back to my teenage years very quick. At the age of 13 my mom got me my very first skateboard in Venezuela in a very small surf shop. Little did I know that a piece of wood with 4 wheels would take me around the world to compete, connect with wonderful beings, and open up a world of opportunities that has lead me down a path of physical and spiritual wellness.

I became a health and fitness coach and a group trainer at the age of 25 with a specialization in sports conditioning and cross training to improve athlete’s performance. Shortly after, I pursued a TRX suspension training certification that allowed me to shift my style towards a more functional approach in which a formula of resistance, balance, and core stabilization were the main focus.

Yoga has been part of my self-practice as a means of preparation that complimented my skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding lifestyle. It allowed me to develop greater awareness and mindfulness with my movements as well as creating harmony between my mind, body, and spirit.

My enthusiasm for coaching, teaching, and yoga led me to get my 200 hr yoga teacher training certification.  This opened an opportunity to deepen my practice and to share the gift of transformation through the infinite depths of meditation, balance, movement, and stillness.

Fun and creativity are the main ingredients in my life and my yoga classes are a reflection of this. I combine the dynamics of aerial and Vinyasa flows while providing my students with safe adjustments and mindful modifications, making it suitable for all levels of practice.  SUP and Acro yoga workshops are also a great addition to my programs as they combine traditional yoga with the dimensions of either water or air and the dynamics of acrobatic movements.

I believe we can become anything we want and achieve a life that makes us feel joy and bliss.  My goal is to continue discovering the endless journey of a spiritual life and inspire others to start or continue on their own.

A Spiritual Journey Amongst the Elements